Traveling Tips within Japan

Nice tips. Thank you for sharing. I was surprised that foreigners expect the top of maps to be north. Thinking about it, I usually do not care about north and south of a map.

Being an expat in Japan

Japan is blessed with a good public transportation system: buses, subways, trains, and airplanes. But travel in Japan is different than travel in the States. Here is some practical advice about traveling in Japan:

Take the train. One of the nice things about traveling in Japan is that they have a great train system. Taking the bullet train is a great alternative to flying because there is less hassle boarding a train, the seats are bigger, there is more legroom, the air is better, and there is a view. Also, the train will take you to the center of town, while the airport is usually removed from the city, so a trip from downtown Nagoya to downtown Tokyo is almost as fast by train as it is by plane and connecting transportation.

Of course, you can’t take a train everywhere. Going to Okinawa, you need to fly or take a…

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