It’s woderful that you are making crossword in Kurobe. For me, the name ‘kurobe’ reminds me of the big Kurobe dam. Since I am a Japanese, I am not familiar with English crosswords. I wonder if I can solve your crosswords, Anyway, I will check again your blog soon!

Kabuki Crosswords

Howdy and hello!  Thank you for visiting Kabuki Crosswords!  If you’re reading this pretty soon after I post it, then I have no idea how you got here!  Hahah.  I just set this site up and have not publicized it at all yet, so you are one of the lucky few who will see this site in its infancy.  Hopefully, however, you are visiting after I have a few puzzles posted already, and you can start solving!

Kurobe from the sky

Since I’ve got your attention, though, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Lawrence, and I’ve been working as an English teacher in Japan since 2009.  I live in a small city called Kurobe on the main island (Honshu), about a 5 hour drive away from Tokyo.  Being a rural city, Kurobe doesn’t have much to offer at first glance, but it is a beautiful…

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